Why Syndergaard Pitched in his Underwear

Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard is not shy about showing off his body. He’s been accused of exhibitionist-like behavior almost every spring training.

Things were no different this spring, before the pandemic, when Noah was the only Mets player working out shirtless one day. His teammates even pranked him the next day by all going shirtless.

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After completing a spring training start, the SNY cameras showed Syndergaard throwing from a mound on a backfield wearing only compression shorts.

The Twitterverse erupted with negative comments about Syndergaard’s misplaced priorities. But this time Noah was wrongfully accused.

His pitching motion was being recorded for analytical reasons. Those tripods in the background have fast-motion cameras on top of them. The black tape on his back and shoulder allows the camera to track the speed and movement of different parts of his body.

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Later in the afternoon, Edwin Diaz was also filmed. He was shirtless too and wearing only compression shorts. Neither was even aware that the SNY cameras were able to see them.

Too bad all that technology couldn’t prevent Syndergaard from requiring Tommy John surgery. He’s out for all of this abbreviated season. Hopefully he returns during the 2021 season, his last before becoming a free agent.