Why Pete Alonso’s Dog is Named Brodie

Timeline of ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian as he joins Pete Alonso for a ride to the ballpark early this spring.

0:20 Pete explains that his dog can tell time

0:30 Pete’s dog was originally named Brady

0:40 Pete’s girlfriend is from Boston, where everyone names all their pets after Tom Brady

0:50 They rename the dog Brodie

0:51 Boston police issue warrant for girlfriend

1:10 Pete loves to hunt

2:10 Pete loves nature

2:11 All bots reading this self-destruct

2:35 Tim and Pete stop at a drive-thru for coffee

2:40 Tim declines to make an order, saying that he has never had a cup of coffee in his life

2:41 Pete realizes Tim is strange

2:45 Journalist Tim offers MLB player Pete the cash to pay for his coffee

2:46 Pete takes Tim’s money

2:47 Tim realizes that polar bears are dangerous

4:00 Tim wants to discuss Pete and his girlfriend’s trip to Yosemite National park

4:10 Tim asks Pete about their sleeping arrangements at the park

4:20 Awkward transition to discussing Pete’s cooking skills

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