Who Pitched the Most Games for the Mets?

Durability and reliability are highly prized traits of a pitcher. Whether you’re a starting pitcher taking the mound every fifth day. Or a relief pitcher coming out of the bullpen three days in a row. The more you can play, the more valuable you are to the team.

So, let’s see which Mets pitcher has made the most appearances in a season. As you would expect, the leader board is filled with relief pitchers.

Most Games Pitched in a Season

Mets PitcherYearGames
Pedro Feliciano201092
Pedro Feliciano200988
Pedro Feliciano200886
Mike Stanton200483
Joe Smith200882
Aaron Heilman200781
Addison Reed
Turk Wendell
Sean Green200979
Jeurys Familia
Pedro Feliciano
Aaron Heilman

Pedro Feliciano has the most games pitched in a season. Feliciano pitched in an NL leading 92 games for the Mets in 2010. Given the nickname “Perpetual Pedro”, the lefty reliever threw 62.2 innings, facing 280 batters. Although he had no saves, Pedro came in 26 save situations and held 23 of them.

Pedro  Feliciano pitching

Jerry Manuel was the Mets manager for most of the “Perpetual Pedro” years. Feliciano led the league in games pitched three years in a row from 2008-2010. After the 2010 season, Feliciano was never the same. He signed as a free agent with the crosstown Yankees that offseason. But shoulder injuries prevented him from ever making even a single appearance in pinstripes.

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So is Feliciano’s three years at the top of the single-season list enough to make him #1 in career games pitched for the Mets? Let’s see.

Most Games Pitched in History

Mets PitcherCareer Games
John Franco695
Pedro Feliciano484
Tom Seaver401
Jeurys Familia379
Jerry Koosman376
Jesse Orosco372
Tug McGraw361
Armando Benitez333
Bobby Parnell329
Dwight Gooden
Aaron Heilman

John Franco has the most games pitched in New York Mets franchise history with 695. The left-handed reliever pitched for 14 years with the Mets. He threw 702.2 innings and faced 3039 batters. Franco finished 484 of the 695 games that he played in, earning 276 saves. For his entire 21-year career, John Franco played in 1119 games.

John  Franco

It’s pretty impressive seeing the names of Seaver, Koosman, and Gooden on the All-Time games pitched list. They’re the only starting pitchers to appear on the list, which is otherwise filled with relievers.