Who is the Heaviest Player on the Mets?

Baseball fans are flooded with statistics today. But one stat that is rarely mentioned is a players’ weight. Maybe because a players’ weight can fluctuate so much during the season. Or even during a game. Tom Seaver used to claim that he lost about 10 pounds (mostly water) every time he pitched.

This spring, reliever Jeurys Familia reported to camp 30 lbs lighter. The previous spring, first baseman Dominic Smith showed up noticeably lighter.

Here’s another reason you don’t hear much about MLB player weights:

One should also keep in mind that you should not have great confidence in the weights here or elsewhere. We have not been able to get any information on how this information is produced, so they may just be estimates from team PR rather than actual weights generated by a scale.


According to the site WeAreFanatics, the average weight of an MLB player is roughly 207 pounds. Walter Young set the modern MLB record in 2005 when he debuted at 320 pounds! Sadly he died in 2015 at the young age of 35.

Who is the heaviest player in New York Mets franchise history? Looking at the 40-man roster from each year gives this top-3 list.

  1. Jon Rauch 290 lbs (2012)
  2. Bartolo Colon 285 lbs (2016)
  3. Val Pascucci 265 lbs (2011)

Some honorable mentions include Aaron Harang 260 lbs (2013), Eddie Kunz 260 lbs (2008), Tyler Walker 260 lbs (2002) and Lucas Duda 255 lbs (2017).

Bartolo  Colon

Note that all the top spots are held by players from the year 2000 and on. It’s no secret that MLB players are getting taller and bigger. Sid Fernandez, considered hefty at the time, is listed at just 220 lbs in 1990. Pitcher Ed Lynch held the top spot through most of the 1980s at 230 lbs. As did pitcher Craig Swan most of the 1970s at 215 lbs.

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Who is the heaviest player on the Mets’ current roster? Here’s the top three.

  1. Dellin Betances 265 lbs
  2. Corey Oswalt 250 lbs
  3. Pete Alonso 245 lbs