Which Met has the Highest OBP?

The most important thing a batter can do is not make an out. A team only gets 27 outs in a game, so not making outs is a good thing. This idea is what led to the On Base Percentage (OBP) stat.

“OBP refers to how frequently a batter reaches base per plate appearance. Times on base include hits, walks and hit-by-pitches, but do not include errors, times reached on a fielder’s choice or a dropped third strike.”


According to FanGraphs an OBP above .390 is considered excellent. Now that the definitions are out of the way, let’s look at the Mets top ten leaders in OBP in a season.

Highest OBP in a Season

Mets PlayerYearOBP
John Olerud1998.447
John Olerud1999.427
Edgardo Alfonzo2000.425
Richie Ashburn
Keith Hernandez
Rickey Henderson1999.423
Cleon Jones1969.422
Dave Magadan
Mike Piazza
David Wright2007.416

John Olerud has the highest OBP in a season with a .447 OBP in 1998. That year he hit .354 with 197 hits, 96 walks and 4 hit by pitches in 557 at-bats. He also had 7 sacrifice flies. Olerud followed that up in 1999 with a .427 OBP, the second-highest OBP in a season for the Mets.

John  Olerud batting

With Olerud having the two best OBP in a season for the Mets, it’s not hard to guess the team leader in on base percentage for a career. Here are the Mets All-Time OBP leaders.

All-Time Highest OBP

Mets PlayerCareer OBP
John Olerud.425
Dave Magadan.391
Keith Hernandez.387
David Wright.376
Mike Piazza.373
Carlos Beltran.369
Edgardo Alfonzo.367
Steve Henderson
Robin Ventura
Darryl Strawberry.359

John Olerud has the highest OBP in New York Mets franchise history. His .425 OBP easily tops runner-up Dave Magadan. Olerud played 3 years for the Mets in which he batted .315 with 524 hits, 306 BB and 28 HBP in 1662 at-bats. He also had 21 sacrifice flies. For his entire 17-year MLB career, Olerud has a .398 OBP.

It’s interesting that first basemen take the top 3 spots in the career OBP list. Magadan played 7 years for the Mets during which he batted .292 with 347 BB in 2088 AB. Keith Hernandez was with the Mets for 7 years and hit .297 with 471 BB in 3164 AB. Hernandez’s higher AB total and the fact that he played in an era before walks were prized weigh in his favor.

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Catcher Mike Piazza’s .373 OBP is particularly worthy of note, given his .915 OPS during his 8 years with the Mets. Mike had the most power of any of the top 5 in the OBP list.