Who Hit the Most Triples for the Mets?

The triple has been called the most exciting 12 seconds in sports – from the crack of the bat to the ball bouncing off the wall. The batter running 270 feet at full speed and usually a close, sliding play at his final destination of third base.

“The triple is the most exciting play in baseball. Home runs win a lot of games, but I never understood why fans are so obsessed with them.”

Hank Aaron

Yet, according to SABR, the number of triples has been declining for the last century.

Last week I took a look at which Mets player hit the most doubles. Today I see who are the top Mets players in triples.

Most Triples in a Mets Season

Mets PlayerYearTriples
Lance Johnson199621
Jose Reyes200819
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes201116
Jose Reyes200712
Angel Pagan200911
Jose Reyes
Mookie Wilson

Lance Johnson hit the most triples in a Mets season. Johnson hit 21 triples in 1996, leading the league. Mostly batting leadoff, the Mets center fielder also led the NL with 724 PAs and 227 hits. Not one to walk much, he finished an All-Star year with a .333 batting average and a .362 on-base percentage.

One thing to keep in mind while looking at the Mets single-season record for triples is that Citi Field opened in 2009. The outfield walls were far away and tall, with lots of open space for balls to roll around in. The outfield walls were brought in and shortened before the 2012 season and again before the 2015 season.

Even with the Citi Field dimensions caveat, there is no denying that Jose Reyes dominates the Mets record books for most triples in a single season. So it’s also no surprise who is atop the list of all-time Mets triples in a career.

Most Triples in Mets History

Mets PlayerCareer Triples
Jose Reyes113
Mookie Wilson62
Bud Harrelson45
Cleon Jones33
Steve Henderson31
Darryl Strawberry30
Lance Johnson27
Doug Flynn
David Wright
Ed Kranepool25

Jose Reyes hit the most triples in New York Mets franchise history. Reyes hit 113 triples while with the Mets, easily passing Mookie Wilson in second place. Reyes finished with 131 triples in his 16-year career.

Jose  Reyes sliding

It’s a bit of a surprise to see how many triples Darryl Strawberry hit. I usually remember him hitting mammoth home runs. But Straw had very good speed and could book-it when he wanted to. Lance Johnson’s tenure with the Mets was less than two full seasons. He was traded to the Cubs midway through the 1997 season. It’s nice to see Buddy Harrelson’s name among the all-time Mets leaders for triples. The light-hitting shortstop had some speed!

Having watched both Reyes and Wilson leg out many of those triples. I have to give the nod to Mookie’s hits for being the more exciting to watch. He almost always lost his helmet by the time he reached second base. And it seemed like the play at third was always a close call.

Mookie  Wilson sliding

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