Who Hit the Most Doubles?

Do you know which Mets player hit the most doubles in a season? Or who had the most doubles in their Mets career?

The double is probably one of the least appreciated hitting stats. Everyone knows who hit the most home runs. Likewise the player with the highest batting average or even on-base percentage. It’s not as exciting as a triple. So the double goes unnoticed.

But hitting a double is almost always a key play of an inning. A team can go from having no one on base to instantly having a runner in scoring position. Or, if there was already a runner on first base, they likely scored on the double. At the very least they’re now on third ready to score on a sacrifice fly or passed ball.

As an acknowledgment to the double, let’s look at the double in Mets history.

Most Doubles in a Season

Bernard Gilkey holds the record for most doubles in a season. Gilkey hit 44 doubles for the Mets in 1996. That year, Gilkey hit .317 with a .393 OBP and slugged .562. In addition to his 44 doubles, the left fielder hit 30 home runs and drove in 117 runs.

Bernard  Gilkey

In 1996 the Mets trio of Bernard Gilkey, center fielder Lance Johnson, and catcher Todd Hundley ran roughshod over National League pitching. Batting leadoff, Johnson had 227 hits (including 21 triples!) while scoring 117 runs. Hundley set the then Mets record for home runs with 41. The record was later tied by Carlos Beltran in 2006. Pete Alonso shattered the record last season by hitting 53 homers.

Despite the hitting barrage, the Mets finished in 4th place in 1996 with a record of 71-91.

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Most Doubles in Mets History

David Wright holds the record for most doubles in a Mets career. Wright hit 390 doubles over his 14 years with the team. He’s far ahead of Jose Reyes, who is second on the all-time Mets doubles list with 272 doubles during his Mets career.

Wright also fills out most of the top spots in the list for most doubles for a single Mets season.

  1. Bernard Gilkey 1996 (44)
  2. David Wright 2005 (42)
  3. David Wright 2007 (42)
  4. David Wright 2008 (42)

He even hit 40 doubles in 2006. David Wright was a doubles machine and those were all hit in Shea Stadium. Not in the early, expansive Citi Field.