Who has the Most Intentional Walks for the Mets?

Ever wonder who has the most intentional walks for the Mets? Which batter did other teams fear pitching to the most? Or maybe they just wanted to pitch to the next guy because he was an automatic out.

Teams rarely issue an intentional walk anymore. Last season there was approximately one every six games. Teams just don’t want to create more scoring opportunities in case other things happen. Such as an error, passed ball, or hit batter. This graphic from an MLB.com article shows the declining trend of the intentional walk.

Intentional Walks Trending Down

Unsurprisingly, in the National League, the batter in the number eight spot received the most intentional walks last season. Number eight batters are more likely to have some pop now than in the past. Also, more pitchers are worse at hitting than they used to be. Just another reason why the DH rule is here to stay in the NL.

But the intentional walk wasn’t always out of vogue. There was a time not too long ago when it was a strategic move. An attempt to avoid a game crushing blow by a big bat in the opposing team’s lineup.

Here are the Mets players with the most intentional walks in a season.

Most Intentional Walks in a Season

Mets PlayerYearWalks
Howard Johnson198825
Darryl Strawberry198821
Carlos Delgado200819
Willie Montanez197819
Mike Piazza200119
Howard Johnson198718
Rey Ordóñez200117
Gary Carter198516
Todd Hundley199716
David Wright201216

Howard Johnson has the most intentional walks in a season. Johnson had 25 intentional walks for the Mets in 1988. That same year, his teammate Darryl Strawberry had 21 intentional bases on balls.

Howard Johnson batting

It’s kind of a surprise that the top two Mets players with the most intentional walks are both from the 1988 team. Those Mets went 100-62 before losing to the eventual World Champion Dodgers in the NL playoffs. Opposing teams tried to avoid Howard Johnson and Darryl Strawberry. But that still left Gary Carter, Kevin McReynolds, Keith Hernandez, or even Tim Teufel for their pitcher to face. Pick your poison, I guess.

Just to show how much things have changed, Pete Alonso led the Mets in intentional walks last season with just 6.

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Here are the players with the most intentional walks in Mets history.

Most Intentional Walks in Mets History

Mets PlayerCareer Walks
Darryl Strawberry108
Howard Johnson101
Ed Kranepool89
Mike Piazza82
David Wright73
Jerry Grote70
Rey Ordóñez64
Keith Hernandez59
Rusty Staub56
Carlos Beltran55

Darryl Strawberry has the most intentional walks in New York Mets franchise history. Darryl had 108 intentional walks in his 8 years with the Mets. In his 17 year career, Strawberry had 131 intentional walks.