Most Mets Errors in a Season

Over the years the Mets have been blessed with some great fielding players. They’ve also had a few really bad gloves on their team. I took a look at which Mets player committed the most errors in a single season.

Errors certainly do not give a full picture of fielding prowess. More modern statistics like UZR and DRS do a much better job. On TV, the MLB Network’s Brian Kenny has even lobbied to do away with errors completely. But just for fun, let’s see what the Mets record book shows.

Most Mets Errors in a Season

It’s a tie. Mets shortstop Bud Harrelson and utility player Rod Kanehl both made 32 errors in a single season. Harrelson committed 32 errors in 1967. Kanehl made 32 errors in the Mets’ inaugural season of 1962. Kanehl had stints at 2B-3B-CF-LF-1B-RF-SS that first year.

Bud  Harrelson

Coming in a close second to Harrelson and Kanehl is Mets third baseman, Howard Johnson. HoJo led the National League in errors in back-to-back years. He committed 28 errors in 1990 and 31 errors in 1991. Johnson also led the Mets in errors in 1986 (20), 1987 (26), 1988 (18) and 1989 (24). Yeah, HoJo was known for his bat and his speed not for his glove or the accuracy of his arm.

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Mike Phillips also committed 31 errors in 1975 playing shortstop and second base for the Mets. Charlie Smith, playing 3B-SS-LF for the Mets, made 31 errors back in 1964.

Next on the list are Hubie Brooks and Ron Gardenhire. Brooks led the Mets in errors in 1984 with 29. Gardenhire also committed 29 errors in 1982. Like HoJo, Hubie was known for his bat, not his glove.

More recently, some slick fielders have led the team in errors. Shortstop Rey Ordonez led the Mets with 27 errors in 1996. That was his rookie year. Ordonez range was off the charts and he’d try to make plays on balls that no other shortstop would even get to. He’d go on to win the Gold Glove for shortstop the next three years in a row.

Similarly, third baseman Robin Ventura led the Mets in errors in 2000 (17) and 2001 (16). But he’d already won 6 Gold Gloves by then.

David Wright tied Troy Glaus for the NL lead with 24 errors in 2005. Wright also led the Mets in errors in 2006 (19), 2007 (21), 2009 (18), 2010 (20) and again in 2011 (19). Yet David was awarded the Gold Glove in both 2007 and 2008. Just like with Ordonez, sometimes a player’s great range hurts their error totals.

Last season, shortstop Amed Rosario committed the most errors on the Mets with 17. He also led the team in 2018 with 16 errors.