Who has the Most Wins for the Mets?

The win in baseball is dead. Or at least it’s on life support, ever since Felix Hernandez won the 2010 American League Cy Young with only 13 wins. In 2018 Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom won the National League Cy Young with just 10 wins. Then he repeated in 2019 with only one win more – 11 wins.

“What’s the average length a starter goes now — five innings? Five and a half?” asks deGrom, suggesting increased bullpen usage has deflated the value of the almighty W. (For the record, MLB pitchers are averaging six innings per start this season, down slightly from 6⅓ in 2010.) “That’s a lot of baseball left. So if that’s the way the game’s going, you would say that the wins aren’t as important. I still want as many wins as I can get.”

Jacob deGrom to ESPN in 2018

Even if wins aren’t what they used to be, who are the top Mets pitchers in wins?

Wins in a Mets Season

Mets PitcherYearWins
Tom Seaver196925
Dwight Gooden198524
Tom Seaver197522
Jerry Koosman
Tom Seaver
David Cone
R.A. Dickey
Tom Seaver
Frank Viola
Dwight Gooden
Jerry Koosman
Tom Seaver

Tom Seaver has the most wins in a Mets season. His 25 wins in 1969 led the National League. He finished that year with a record of 25-7 with a 2.21 ERA. In 273.1 innings pitched, Seaver struck out 208 and completed 18 games. He would go on to win 2 more games in the postseason as the Miracle Mets won their first World Series.

Tom  Seaver pitching

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Gooden went 24-4 with a 1.53 ERA in 1985. He threw 276.2 innings, including 16 complete games. As a comparison, in 2018 deGrom threw 217.0 innings and had 1 complete game. In 2019 he threw 204 innings and had no complete games. So yeah, the role of a starting pitcher has changed drastically.

Notice the 22-year gap between 1990 when the Mets had not one but two pitchers in the top 10 in wins (Dwight Gooden and Frank Viola) and 2012 when R.A. Dickey won 20 games. It’s not that the Mets had poor pitching during the whole period. Rather, the starting pitcher’s role began to change in that time span.

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So who are the all-time wins leaders in Mets history? This should not come as a surprise to anyone.

Wins in Mets History

Mets PitcherCareer Wins
Tom Seaver198
Dwight Gooden157
Jerry Koosman140
Ron Darling99
Sid Fernandez98
Al Leiter95
Jon Matlack82
David Cone81
Bobby Jones74
Jacob deGrom
Steve Trachsel

Tom Seaver has the most wins in New York Mets franchise history with 198 wins. Seaver went on to win 311 games in his 20-year Hall of Fame career. Dwight Gooden is second with 157 wins as a Mets pitcher. Doc went on to win 194 games over his 16-year career.

Other than deGrom, no other current Mets pitcher is close to the top 10 in career wins. Noah Syndergaard is at number 19 all-time with 47 wins. Johan Santana had 46 wins as a Mets pitcher. Matt Harvey is in 36th place with 34 wins.