Who Threw the Most Wild Pitches for the Mets?

The number of different pitching statistics seems to be increasing every year. Adjusted ERA+, Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP), and Win Probability Added (WPA) just to name a few. But what about one of the most overlooked, least examined pitching stats – Wild Pitches.

Most Wild Pitches in a Mets Season

Jack Hamilton threw 18 wild pitches while pitching 148 innings for the Mets in 1966. That’s a wild pitch every 8.2 innings. Jack Hamilton appeared in 57 games that year going 6-13 with 13 saves and having a 5.3 BB9. Yeah, he was wild. The Mets still weren’t a very good team yet. They finished that season with a 66-95 record.

Most Wild Pitches in Mets History

  1. Tom Seaver 81 (3045.2 innings)
  2. Jerry Koosman 66 (2544.2 innings)
  3. Ron Darling 63 (1620.0 innings)
  4. David Cone 62 (1209.1 innings)
  5. Dwight Gooden 47 (2169.2 innings)
Tom Seaver pitching

Another Mets pitching record held by Tom Seaver. Not one he probably would brag about. But look at that list. There are some pretty great pitchers on it. The high number of wild pitches is just a side effect of the total innings they pitched while members of the Mets.

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Darling and Cone would have easily topped the list if they had pitched as many innings as Seaver or Koosman. Gooden’s total wild pitches are remarkably low considering the total innings he threw.

Bonus fact, onetime Mets pitcher and strikeout king Nolan Ryan is No. 1 all-time in the MLB record books for wild pitches, with a whopping 277.