Who has the Most Strikeouts for the Mets?

Do you know who has the most strikeouts for the Mets? The New York Mets have always been known for their great pitching. From Tom Seaver, Dwight Gooden, David Cone and Bret Saberhagen to Jacob deGrom. One trait of great pitching is the strikeout. If a batter can’t even make contact with the baseball then it doesn’t matter how bad your fielders may be. No runners will advance. Let’s look at some of the Mets strikeout records.

Most Strikeouts in a Season

Tom Seaver has the most strikeouts in a season. Seaver had 289 strikeouts for the Mets in 1971. He threw 286.1 innings that year. Seaver also holds second place for Mets pitcher with the most strikeouts in a season with 283 in 1970. Dwight Gooden is in third place with 276 in his rookie year of 1984.

Most Strikeouts in a Career

Tom Seaver has the most strikeouts in New York Mets franchise history. Seaver had 2,541 strikeouts in his Mets career. Overall in his career, Tom had 3640 strikeouts. Following far behind Seaver is Dwight Gooden with 1875 strikeouts in his Mets career.

Most Strikeouts in a Game

Mets pitchers David Cone (1991) and Tom Seaver (1970) both had 19 strikeouts in a single game. On April 22, 1970, Seaver struck out the last 10 San Diego batters he faced at Shea Stadium. The Mets won his complete-game two-hitter by the score of 2-1. On October 6, 1991, the last day of the season, David Cone had 19 strikeouts against the Philadelphia Phillies. Cone threw 141 pitches in his complete-game win.

Pitchers rarely throw complete games anymore, so let’s look at another strikeout statistic – Strikeouts/9IP.

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Best Strikeouts per 9 Innings Pitched

Dwight Gooden has the best strikeouts per 9 IP in a single Mets season with 11.39 in 1984. The next three spots in the Mets record book belong to Jacob deGrom with 11.250 (2019), 11.157 (2018) and 10.684 (2017). deGrom holds the Mets record for best strikeouts per 9 IP in a career with 10.253. He’s followed by Noah Syndergaard at 9.74.

Jacob DeGrom

Control is also a sign of a great pitcher. The ability not to walk too many batters helps a pitcher avoid a big inning. So let’s see which Mets pitchers had the best control.

Best Strikeout to Walk Ratio

Bret Saberhagen has the best strikeout to walk ratio in a single Mets season. In 1994, Saberhagen’s strikeout to walk ratio was an incredible 11. He’s way ahead of the number two pitcher on the list, Matt Harvey who had a 6.161 strikeouts/base on balls in 2013. Saberhagen also holds the Mets best strikeout to walk ratio for a career with 5.04. He’s followed by Bartolo Colon at 4.826 and Jacob deGrom in third at 4.718.