Who has the Best WHIP for the Mets?

Starting pitchers today don’t throw the number of innings that pitchers did several decades ago. Complete games are very rare. Even throwing 200 innings in a season is unusual today. So how can we compare modern-day pitchers with those of yesterday? One statistic that we can use to compare pitchers of different eras is the number of Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched (WHIP).

Here is a list of Mets pitchers with the best WHIP in a season.

Best WHIP in a Season

Mets PitcherYearWHIP
Jacob deGrom20180.912
Matt Harvey20130.931
Tom Seaver19710.946
Pedro Martinez20050.949
Dwight Gooden19850.965
Jacob deGrom20190.971
Tom Seaver19730.976
Tom Seaver19680.978
Jacob deGrom20150.979
Sid Fernandez19930.986

Not really any surprises in the best WHIP in a season list. Seaver and deGrom are each on the list three times. Maybe some people forget how amazing Matt Harvey’s control was before the Tommy John surgery. In 2013, Harvey threw 178.1 innings and allowed just 135 hits and 31 walks. While striking out 191. He led the league in FIP with a 2.01 and HR/9 with a 0.4.

Matt Harvey pitching

Sid Fernandez is a tiny surprise. Maybe there should be an asterisk since El Sid only threw 119.2 innings in 1993. While that 0.986 WHIP was the best of his career, his WHIP always hovered around 1.0.

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What about best WHIP in a career? Here are the all-time leaders in WHIP in Mets history.

Best WHIP in History

Mets PitcherCareer WHIP
Jacob deGrom1.046
Tom Seaver1.076
Bret Saberhagen1.079
Sid Fernandez1.113
R.A. Dickey1.150
Rick Reed1.155
Noah Syndergaard1.161
Dwight Gooden1.175
Bob Ojeda1.182
Jim McAndrew1.184

Again, not too many surprises on the Mets career WHIP list. For those who don’t remember him, Rick Reed was known as the poor man’s Greg Maddux. Of course, it’s still pretty amazing that R.A. Dickey, a knuckleballer, had such great control. Seaver’s career WHIP is still jaw-dropping considering how many innings he threw over his Mets career (3045.2). That’s almost three times as many innings as deGrom (1149.2) has thrown so far.