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The New York Mets mascot is Mr. Met. If you go to Citi Field for a Mets home game, you can’t miss him. He wears a Mets uniform with #00 on it and has a large baseball for a head. He’s become rather famous, so he can be forgiven for having a big head. Mr. Met was elected into the Mascot Hall of Fame and has appeared in television commercials on ESPN. Forbes Magazine even named Mr. Met as the #1 mascot in all of sports. Here are the answers to some Mr. Met FAQ.

Mr. Met
How old is Mr. Met?

Mr. Met was first introduced in 1963. At first, he was just in illustrated form, appearing on the cover of game programs, scorecards, and yearbooks. Comic book artist Al Avison was at least one of the artists who contributed to the character’s design. Mr. Met is actually the Mets’ second mascot.

In 1964 when the Mets opened the new Shea Stadium, a live costumed version of Mr. Met debuted, portrayed by team ticket office employee, Daniel J. Reilly. Mr. Met is believed to have been the first mascot in Major League Baseball to exist in human (as opposed to artistically rendered) form. He wore the unventilated paper-mâché head for the first time between games of a May doubleheader.

Through the 1980s some Mets fans would occasionally show up at games wearing self-constructed paper-mâché heads in an attempt to lure Mr. Met back to the stadium.

In the 1990s, after the success of other teams’ live mascots, Mr. Met returned to Shea Stadium. In 2012, he was named America’s Favorite Mascot.

What was Homer the Beagle?

Homer the beagle was the Mets’ first mascot. In 1962 at the Polo Grounds, Homer was trained to round the bases. Manager Casey Stengel hated him and refused to let the beagle sit on the Mets’ bench.
Mets Mascot Homer the Beagle

What was Mettle the Mule?

The Mets briefly experimented with another mascot named “Mettle the Mule”. Mettle was an actual live mule that was kept in a pen near the Mets bullpen. He would be led along the foul lines prior to a game. Mettle appeared for a short time in 1976 and was originally named “Arthur”. He was renamed to Mettle in a fan contest. He was last seen during the 1979 season.
Mets Mascot Mettle the Mule

Who is Mrs. Met?

Sorry ladies, Mr. Met is married. Mrs. Met originally called “Lady Met”, debuted in a short-lived live costumed form in 1975 before being reintroduced in 2013. Mrs. Met usually appears on Saturdays and Sundays.

Though they appeared less frequently, Mr. Met’s family used to make appearances too. A group of three “little Mets” children with the smallest being just a baby in Mrs. Met’s arms.

How much does Mr. Met make?

Both Mr. Met and Mrs. Met are available for birthdays, weddings, and community events. Mr. Met costs $600 for a one-hour appearance. Mr. Met has been portrayed by many people over the years. It’s a physically demanding job. The head is heavy and can be 40 degrees hotter than it is outside. The Mr. Met costume is 6′ 10” tall.

How many fingers does Mr. Met have?

Mr. Met has four fingers on each hand. So Mr. Met has no middle finger. Yet, on May 31, 2017, Mr. Met was heading back to the clubhouse after a Mets loss when he engaged in a heated exchange with an opposing fan. The argument ended with Mr. Met giving the finger towards the fan, which was caught on video. The Mets changed performers for Mr. Met.

Mr. Met flipping the bird

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