Who Hit the Most Singles for the Mets?

A single is the most common type of hit in baseball. So you got to first base, big deal. You can get there a lot of other ways besides hitting a single. An error, hit by a pitch, fielder’s choice, walk – maybe even an intentional walk! You’re not even considered in scoring position. Yet hit enough singles and you’re known as a pest.

So who has hit the most singles in a Mets season?

Most Singles in a Mets Season

Mets PlayerYearSingles
Lance Johnson1996166
Felix Millan1973155
Felix Millan1975151
Jose Reyes2005142
Mookie Wilson1982139
Mookie Wilson1983138
Keith Hernandez
John Olerud
Daniel Murphy2013133
Jose Reyes2008132

Lance Johnson hit the most singles in a Mets season with 166 in 1996. That same year the center fielder led the league with 724 PA, 227 hits and 21 triples. Johnson finished the season with a .333 batting average.

Lance  Johnson batting

Most of the players on the list are leadoff batters or high-contact batters as you would expect. Murphy is a small surprise, but in 2013 he had 697 PA the most in his career. Likewise, in 1985 Hernandez had 682 PA and batted .309.

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Given the names on the one season list, the Mets All-Time singles list might surprise you.

Most Singles in Mets History

Mets PlayerCareer Singles
David Wright1119
Ed Kranepool1050
Jose Reyes1041
Cleon Jones880
Bud Harrelson855
Mookie Wilson820
Jerry Grote798
Edgardo Alfonzo790
Keith Hernandez690
Daniel Murphy657

David Wright hit the most singles in New York Mets franchise history. Wright hit 1119 singles over his 14-year Mets career. Ed Kranepool is a close second with 1050 singles in his 18 years with the Mets. Jose Reyes rounds out the top 3 with 1041 singles over his combined 12 years with the team.

David  Wright batting

There are guys with some thump in their bat on the list. Most of them accumulated hits over many years with the Mets. Keith Hernandez spent the least, with just 7 years in Queens. Mookie, Fonzie and Murph each spent 8 years on the Mets.