All of the Mets Triple Plays

Have you ever seen a Mets triple play? Ever wonder how many Mets triple plays there are? As you might imagine, they are very rare. To make three outs during one continuous play requires at least two runners already on base, no outs, and a batted ball.

Let’s get the pain out of the way first. The Mets have hit into 10 triple plays in franchise history.

Mets Hit into a Triple Play History

September 30, 1962Cubs4-3-6Joe Pignatano
August 15, 1964Phillies1-6-3Bobby Klaus
May 2, 1967Giants1-6-3Ken Boyer
August 15, 1967Phillies5-4-3Phil Linz
July 16, 1971Astros6-3-5Cleon Jones
April 21, 1987Pirates4-3-6-2Wally Backman
May 11, 1993Cardinals4-6-3-6Todd Hundley
May 15, 1999Phillies6-6-4Mike Piazza
August 23, 2009Phillies4-4-4Jeff Francoeur
June 10, 2010Padres5-4-3Ruben Tejada

The August 23, 2009 unassisted triple play that Jeff Francoeur hit into is very memorable. It was the bottom of the ninth. The Mets were trailing 9-7, having already scored 1 run in the inning. They have runners on first and second. Francoeur hits a line drive up the middle, only to have the second baseman catch it, step on the bag and tag the runner from first. A bottom of the ninth “walk off” unassisted triple play!

Perhaps even worse, from a personal perspective, is the September 30, 1962, triple play. It was the last game of the Mets inaugural season. They had already lost 119 games. In the eighth inning, Joe Pignatano popped into a 4-3-6 triple play in what would be his last MLB appearance. Incredibly, it was also the last game for Sammy Drake and Richie Ashburn, the two runners who were tagged out. Pignatano is the only player to end his career by hitting into a triple play.

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Now for the fun stuff! The Mets have turned 11 triple plays in franchise history.

Mets Turn a Triple Play History

May 30, 1962Dodgers6-4-3Elio Chacon,
Charlie Neal,
Gil Hodges
May 31, 1964Giants6-6-3Roy McMillan,
Ed Kranepool
April 15, 1965Astros9-2-6Johnny Lewis,
Chris Cannizzaro,
Roy McMillan
September 28, 1966Cubs5-4-3Eddie Bressoud,
Chuck Hiller,
Jim Hickman
August 3, 1982Cubs6-4-3Bob Bailor,
Wally Backman,
Dave Kingman
September 29, 1982Cubs4-4-3Brian Giles,
Rusty Staub
June 6,1989Cubs3-6-3Dave Magadan,
Kevin Elster,
Dave Magadan
August 5, 1998Giants3-6-3-2John Olerud,
Rey Ordonez,
John Olerud,
Todd Pratt
May 17, 2002Padres5-4-3Edgardo Alfonzo,
Roberto Alomar,
Mo Vaughn
May 19, 2010Nationals8-2-6-3Angel Pagan,
Henry Blanco,
Jose Reyes,
Ike Davis
August 24, 2014Dodgers5-4-3-2Eric Campbell,
Daniel Murphy,
Lucas Duda,
Travis d’Arnaud

The last Mets triple play involves Bartolo Colon making his first start since his mother passed away. In the sixth inning, Matt Kemp hits a ground ball to third baseman Eric Campbell, playing because David Wright left with a sore neck. Campbell fires the ball to second baseman Murphy, who then makes the toss to first baseman Duda for a 5-4-3 double play. But Yasiel Puig never stops running, perhaps forgetting how many outs there are, and tries to score. Duda throws the ball to d’Arnaud who easily tags out Puig for the third out.

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