Keith on Jeopardy!

This bit of Twitter artwork by Athlete Logos is fictional. But how do you think Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez would do if he was to appear on the TV quiz show Jeopardy? Since Ron Darling went to Yale and Gary Cohen went to Columbia, Keith might be at a slight disadvantage.

Keith might do pretty well if the categories were Fundies / Ice Cream / Domestic Cats / Lou Brock. But not so good in sandwich abbreviations.

But seriously, he might do pretty well if one of the categories was “American Military History”. His interest in the Civil War goes back to his playing days. He also seems to have read quite a bit about World War II. He often refers to holes in the infield “wide enough to drive a Panzer division through”.

Related: Keith loves ice cream.

Cleverly, the scores are Darling’s career strikeout total, Cohen’s birth year, and Keith’s career total base hits.