Gary Carter Commercials

Mets players doing TV commercials is nothing new. Whether it’s a BMW commercial featuring Michael Conforto or a Jaguar commercial with Brandon Nimmo. Back in the second half of the 1980s, Gary Carter commercials were a common occurrence.

Even original Mets player Marv Throneberry once appeared in a Miller Lite beer commercial. After doing the commercial, one writer kept repeatedly stating that Throneberry’s costars were some of the all-time great players. While Marv wasn’t. Finally, he had enough and asked the guy “Are you the greatest writer who ever was?”.

Acquiring Gary Carter before the 1985 season was seen as the final piece for the Mets’ quest to win it all. A future Hall of Famer, the veteran catcher seemed made to play in New York.

Sometimes derisively referred to as “Camera Carter” by his teammates. Carter enjoyed the media spotlight. Today it would be said that he promoted his brand well.

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When the Mets did win the World Series in 1986, Gary Carter landed this national commercial with Ivory Soap.

Another Carter commercial was this funny one for Newsday.