Clint Eastwood Throws Out First Pitch

Clint Eastwood throws out the first pitch before Game 7 of the 1973 World Series. The New York Mets play the A’s in Oakland. Throwing the first pitch from the stands behind the A’s dugout, Eastwood is introduced as an Oakland native. Despite being born in San Francisco. Then 43-years-old, Clint appears to be in better shape than some of the players. He is also apparently a lefty.

Eastwood was busy in 1973, directing and starring in the western High Plains Drifter and later reprising his role as “Dirty Harry” Callahan in the sequel Magnum Force.

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As for game 7, unfortunately for Mets fans, it was an A’s victory 5-2. The second straight World Championship for Oakland. But manager Dick Williams hated the front office’s interference and resigned as the A’s manager afterward.