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The Mets home stadium is Citi Field, located in Flushing, New York City. It’s outward design is an homage to Ebbets Fields, the home of the old Brooklyn Dodgers. Here are the answers to some Citi Field frequently asked questions.

Citi Field stadium at night

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What is the Citi Field address?

The Citi Field address is 41 Seaver Way, Queens, NY 11368. It used to be 123-01 Roosevelt Ave before being renamed in honor of Mets pitching great Tom Seaver on March 21, 2019.

What are the Citi Field Dimensions?

Citi Field dimensions are Left field (335 feet), Left center (358 feet), Center field (408 feet), Right center (375 feet), and Right field (330 feet).

Citi Field dimensions

When was Citi Field built?

Citi Field opened in 2009, after over 2 years of construction. The Mets first regular season home game was on April 13, 2009, against the San Diego Padres.

When was the All-Star game held at Citi Field?

The 2013 All-Star game was held at Citi Field. Mets pitcher Matt Harvey started the game. It was only the second All-Star game hosted by the Mets. The first time was at Shea Stadium in 1964 (Shea’s opening year).

How many seats are there in Citi Field?

There are 41,922 seats in Citi Field. Although including standing room, Citi Field’s capacity is over 45,000 people.

What are the best seats at Citi Field?

The best seats at Citi Field are the Excelsior Box and Excelsior Gold 309-329 seats. You’re up high enough to see the whole field, but not nose-bleed high. The seats are padded and right in front of the Foxwoods Club. So if it starts to rain or you get cold, you can go in there. But be warned that the first row of 310 has a railing that forces you to lean forward to see the action.

How much did Citi Field cost to build?

Citi Field cost $850 million to build. It was funded with $615 million in public subsidies. The Mets are paying back the public loans, plus interest. But they don’t have to pay rent or property taxes. The Mets are also receiving $20 million annually from Citibank in exchange for naming the stadium Citi Field.

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