That Shockingly Wild 1986 Mets Plane Ride

Watch this hilariously illustrated video of the 1986 Mets plane ride after the team won the NL pennant in Houston. From a time before there was Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, the ’86 Mets turned an entire plane into a drugged-up, food-fight orgy of destruction.

The Mets had just come back from a three-run deficit in the ninth and beat the Houston Astros in 16 exhilarating innings to win the NL pennant. The team boarded an Ozark Airlines DC-10 in Houston for the 4-hour plane ride home to New York City.

The cartoon is by James Blagden of Victory Journal and is called “The Best Last Best Plane Ride Ever”. It features the voices of Lenny Dykstra, Dwight Gooden, Kevin Mitchell, and Darryl Strawberry.

They talk about how the seating on the plane was split into sections based on player temperament. Those who didn’t drink, aka the “milk section”, consisted only of Mookie Wilson. The very back of the plane was reserved for “The Scum Bunch”, Jesse Orosco, Doug Sisk, and Danny Heep.

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Just about everything you can imagine happened on the Mets plane ride. From booze, drug use, wife-on-wife action, and a mammoth food fight.

“When we walked off that plane I was like ‘Oh my god this is insane. We tore up the whole plane. A bunch of bad boys, we knew how to be ugly, we knew how to be raunchy.”

Darryl Strawberry

The next day back in the New York clubhouse Mets GM Frank Cashen handed manager Davey Johnson a bill for the plane. But Johnson crumbled it up and told him, “We just won you the f–king pennant, you pay for it.”


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